Pardon Our Dust!

I’ve decided to reorganize my blog. I began it because I was reading a series of books with so many characters I couldn’t keep track of them all. Then, people started reading and I found myself writing for all y’all. THAT is great but it means I have to think about how I want the site to look and what I want to write about. I read A LOT and I found myself feeling overwhelmed by the writing. That’s nuts, you know? Reading is fun for me, so I don’t want it to become stressful.

In the next few days you’ll see some new posts. I won’t even TRY to write about every book I read. At the moment, I think I’ll write about the things I like a lot and the newest of the myriad series I read. I am going to have to simplify the categories and the tags and all that.

So … be on the lookout for some new stuff and tell me … what do YOU want to read? Either leave me a comment or send an email to me at barbara.sharpe at yahoo dot com.


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