The Taste of Night by Vicki Pettersson

The second book of this series is every bit as good as the first.  In fact, it’s better.

Joanna has now taken on her new identity and is living as a superhero, though she is still in training.  The thing is: Joanna isn’t like all the other superheroes or the Shadows.  Because one of her parents was an Agent of the Light and the other was a Shadow, Joanna is both.  The other Lights are afraid of her Shadow side and are counseling her – and training her – to contain it, at all costs.

Joanna has never been one to take directions, though, and now is no exception.  She does things she isn’t supposed to do with consequences she couldn’t have expected.

Like any good series author does, Pettersson foreshadows things to come.  I think Joanna’s mother and daughter are both going to show up in future books.  I wonder if Ashlyn, Joanna’s daughter (the product of rape and given for adoption at birth) will end up being a Shadow.

Warren, the leader of the Agents of Light, thinks that Shadows and Light are both necessary for the world to exist.  Joanna struggles with that within herself and I think she is recognizable to many women.  Don’t we all try to be “good girls” when we aren’t always? And who defines what “good” is anyway? Joanna has to do that for herself, to have the courage of her convictions and to do what she believes is right.  All that while recognizing that she doesn’t know everything and that sometimes she will need help.  Recognize that? I do.

This book was good enough that it made me wish I didn’t have so many books at home waiting for me to read them.  I feel guilty about buying new books when I have nearly 100 of them at home, waiting to be read.  I wonder how long I will be able to hold out?  Okay, probably not that long since there will be a new Zodiac book out on May 25 and it’s the 5th in the series, so I have to read two more before then!


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