A Killer Workout by Kathryn Lilley

Kate Gallagher’s new life in Durham, NC is going pretty well.  She has a lovely boyfriend, a great job and she’s making friends.  The problem? Well, viewers are making comments about her weight – which has led her boss to “suggest” she do something about it.  Kate has a great idea: she’ll get the station to pay for her to go to Body Blast, a boot camp style weekend program that is owned by a high school friend. She gets to lose weight, get healthier AND get a story out of it.  Perfect.

Kate’s roommate, Marnie, is killed their first night at Boot Camp and Kate decides to check into it, being an investigative journalist and all.  Kate finds plenty to wonder about: was Marnie’s death related to a similar death that happened previously at Body Blast? Was it related to a series of arsons? Was her friend involved?

Along the way, Kate has romantic entanglements, personal dramas and the usual daily life stuff of a TV journalist: stomach-turning rides on a DEA helicopter, run-ins with a local loan shark and getting scooped by print journalists.

Book Two of this series is every bit as fun as the first and Book Three, Makeovers Can Be Murder, is next up on my reading list.


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