Makeovers Can Be Murder by Kathryn Lilley

Kate Gallagher, investigative journalist and the heroine of the Fat City Mysteries cannot catch a romantic break. In Dying to Be Thin, her boyfriend had just dumped her. In Killer Workout, it’s a mixed bag: her boyfriend breaks up with her because she isn’t ready to marry him but she meets up with a man she thought was long out of her life – Detective Jonathon Reed. In Makeovers Can Be MurderDetective Reed breaks Kate’s heart, sadly. Rather spectacularly, actually.

There is more personal drama for Kate – her rival, Lainey Lanston, moved from being a print journalist to being a TV reporter – and is in keen competition for Kate’s stories. Kate’s boss seems to be favoring Lainey so she’s quite concerned for her job.

Then there is the assignment she has – a piece on diet scams and how they are costing consumers millions of dollars a year for things that simply do not work. Sounds like a great story, right? Except the first installment requires a size-16 Kate to wear a bikini on the air. Yeah, she’s thrilled.

As usual, the story is fun to read and very well-done. Lilley keeps you guessing as to identity of the murderer. What I didn’t like –though I have to say it’s probably realistic – is the tone Kate has taken with regard to her body. Kate has always had something of a love-hate relationship with her body but in Makeovers Can Be Murder, she has taken to saying things like calling herself “Bloberella.” When she finds out the Jonathon’s ex-wife, Gi, is stunningly gorgeous – and petite – she wonders how he could ever want her after being with someone like Gi. She thinks to herself, How can the man who loved this incredible beauty be satisfied with someone who is overweight and out of shape? How can he want me after Gi?”

In the end, all is well, though I won’t spoil the story for you by giving away the ending.

I emailed Ms. Lilley to find out when the next book will be coming out. She doesn’t have a title for it, but says there will be a new Fat City Mystery coming out later this year. I can’t wait to see what happens next with Kate.


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