The Diva Takes the Cake by Krista Davis

Hannah’s wedding to Craig is still on and just a day or so away when things start to go awry. Natasha, of course, interferes and tries to change some – all!- of Sophie’s plans, including the wedding venue. The wedding is called off, back on, and off, then on. There are myriad reasons why Bridezilla (also known as Hannah) is freaking out and Sophie hopes beyond reason that she will come to her senses and NOT marry Craig. Does she or doesn’t she? You’ll have to read it to find out!

It wouldn’t be a cozy mystery if there weren’t subplots as well. There seems to be tension between Sophie and Wolf but Sophie doesn’t know why. She finds out and they resolve it – but it’s so silly. I can’t believe a grown man would be upset about this specific thing and not just ask about it. Of course, I’m a lesbian, so what do I know?
Natasha and Mars are having relationship drama, too. Oh – and an entire group of characters show up for the wedding and THEY all have stuff going on too. It’s a wonder anything gets done around there.

I enjoyed this book but, I have to tell you, I was relieved when Sophie finally told Natasha off. I swear to GOD, I would never have been so patient … or possibly so doormat-ish. While I’m complaining, let me say this: Sophie’s mom needs to knock it off. Sophie does not need to lose weight or wear more lipstick or anything else. Further, if Sophie’s mom thought that Natasha stole Mars from Sophie, why on EARTH is she friendly with that woman? That makes no sense. I’d kick my mom’s butt if she were friendly with my “arch enemy.” Natasha calls Sophie her best friend at one point – and Sophie didn’t even laugh. Best friend? Wow. I’d hate to see how she treats her enemies.

The next of this series is The Diva Paints the Town, which is the last of the series, thus far. It was just published in February, so it may be a minute before there’s another one. That’s okay. Once I finish The Diva Paints the Town, I have other series to read! Still, I hope Ms. Davis finishes the next book before February 2011!


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