Dimestore Magic by Kelley Armstrong

This, along with the next book, are my favorites of the Women of the Otherworld series. There is going to be a new one out this year with these characters, Waking the Witch, which is mostly about Savannah, and I can’t wait to read it.

But back to Dime Store Magic.

In this book, we revisit Paige and Savannah from Stolen, as well as Leah.  Paige is a witch who is, at a very young age, Coven Leader because her mother died.  Savannah is a very powerful and very young witch whose birth father, a sorcerer, is trying to get her from Paige, for some reason.

Paige is a good witch, the leader of other good witches who are so afraid of being exposed to the nonmagical world that they have seriously limited the magic that they are allowed to do and remain in the coven. Being part of a coven is crucial for a witch’s well-being. Paige wants to modernize the coven, bring them into the 21st century, so to speak, but they are resistant. To say the least.

Paige is a reluctant guardian to Savannah, but she takes her responsibilities seriously. Savannah needs to be protected from her sorcerer-father and others who think that she is a dark witch, so Paige does everything in her power to protect the child. To do so, she needs help from Leah (a half-demon) and from a most unlikely source – Lucas Cortez, a sorcerer and son of the leader of the Cortez Cabal. Witches and sorcerers have long been enemies, so Paige is suspicious of Lucas but still accepts his help.

Dime Store Magic is urban fantasy at its best but it is also a love story. Unlike many books of this genre, the love story isn’t lurid or graphic and, while it is secondary, it written well enough that you are just as engaged in that as the action part of the story.

You don’t have to have read any of the previous books to enjoy Dime Store Magic. All of the WOW books are stand-alone, though for some of them, I think it helps to have read previous books. In this case, though, it makes little difference if you’ve read the previous two books.

Do you read Kelley Armstrong? What’s your favorite of her books?


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