Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong

I’m always thrilled when I find a new writer who a) I think is amazing; b) who is writing a series, because I love series; c) there are several books to the series before I find them; and d) whose writing gets better with each book. That describes Kelley Armstrong perfectly

Industrial Magic is the second book narrated by Paige Winterborne, a witch. In this book, she and her boyfriend, sorcerer Lucas, are asked by Lucas’ father (a powerful Sorcerer leader) to investigate why supernatural teens are being murdered.

Lucas’ father, Benicio Cortez, is the leader of the Cortez Cabal, which is sort of like a mafia family. They appear to be a major corporation from the outside, but the inside is an entirely different story. Lucas has refused his position as heir to the Cortez Cabal and is trying to do his best to put an end to the cabals across the country. Difficult task, that. Probably impossible. That mission is put aside, though, as Lucas and Paige investigate the murders of the teenage supernaturals.

Along the way, Paige tries to create an alternative coven, since she was kicked out of her previous coven. She tries to convince witches who aren’t already part of a coven that a virtual coven can be good for them. Witches aren’t known for being open to change, even the younger ones or the ones who are outside the covens in general.

Industrial Magic is suspenseful yet is character-driven, there a couple of new characters that you’ll enjoy and one thing that is highly implausible – but then isn’t the entire concept?


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