Broken by Kelley Armstrong

Elena is the only female werewolf. Werewolves are either born with the gene – and it’s only passed to boys – or bitten, and women usually die. Except Elena. Elena was Bitten but she lived.

The pregnancy is troubling – there has never been a pregnant werewolf as there are no other female werewolves, so no one knows what to expect. Because of this, Elena is confined to her home. It would be an understatement to say she was bored witless, so when something comes up that requires her expertise – and seems harmless – she jumps at it.

Of course, it isn’t harmless. Elena inadvertently opens a time portal those sets a serial killer and two zombies loose in Toronto. Elena, Clay and Jeremy stay in Toronto to try to send the serial killer and his zombies back. Along the way, they ask Zoe, a vampire, and Jaime, the necromancer, for help. For some reason, the serial killer and his zombies are targeting Elena specifically. The Pack and its friends have to find out why and what to do to close the time portal.

This wasn’t my favorite Elena book because I am not all that thrilled with the idea of a “hell portal.” Given that this is a series about all kinds of supernatural creatures that don’t exist, I don’t know why this particular thing is the one that is “too much” for me. I just didn’t grab me. If you’re already a fan of WOW, then by all means, read this. If you aren’t, don’t start here! Go back to the beginning. You’ll enjoy this more if you’re already familiar with Elena and Clay and the rest.
The ending is nearly saccharine but the reader – at least this reader – can’t help but cheer for Elena and Clay.


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  1. I can’t help but cheer for Elena and Clay too, of course.

    But speaking as a fan of vampire fiction (including Twilight and Buffy), I also can’t help but notice that the vampires are sort of short-changed in the power and personality departments…

    Almost all the fictional vampires we fantasy fans know of are gifted with super speed and strength, so I was sort of surprised that Kelley’s vampires aren’t. The super fast healing is cool though.

    Also, why are they all so … neurotic in Kelley’s novels? There’s like only one male vampire who could be construed as normal out of the whole bunch.

    Just ranting a bit here.

    Kelley’s a good writer really, and I really enjoyed the Otherworld series. Even the ones meant for Young Adults.

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