Broken by Kelley Armstrong

Elena is the only female werewolf. Werewolves are either born with the gene – and it’s only passed to boys – or bitten, and women usually die. Except Elena. Elena was Bitten but she lived.

The pregnancy is troubling – there has never been a pregnant werewolf as there are no other female werewolves, so no one knows what to expect. Because of this, Elena is confined to her home. It would be an understatement to say she was bored witless, so when something comes up that requires her expertise – and seems harmless – she jumps at it.

Of course, it isn’t harmless. Elena inadvertently opens a time portal those sets a serial killer and two zombies loose in Toronto. Elena, Clay and Jeremy stay in Toronto to try to send the serial killer and his zombies back. Along the way, they ask Zoe, a vampire, and Jaime, the necromancer, for help. For some reason, the serial killer and his zombies are targeting Elena specifically. The Pack and its friends have to find out why and what to do to close the time portal.

This wasn’t my favorite Elena book because I am not all that thrilled with the idea of a “hell portal.” Given that this is a series about all kinds of supernatural creatures that don’t exist, I don’t know why this particular thing is the one that is “too much” for me. I just didn’t grab me. If you’re already a fan of WOW, then by all means, read this. If you aren’t, don’t start here! Go back to the beginning. You’ll enjoy this more if you’re already familiar with Elena and Clay and the rest.
The ending is nearly saccharine but the reader – at least this reader – can’t help but cheer for Elena and Clay.


Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong

I’m always thrilled when I find a new writer who a) I think is amazing; b) who is writing a series, because I love series; c) there are several books to the series before I find them; and d) whose writing gets better with each book. That describes Kelley Armstrong perfectly

Industrial Magic is the second book narrated by Paige Winterborne, a witch. In this book, she and her boyfriend, sorcerer Lucas, are asked by Lucas’ father (a powerful Sorcerer leader) to investigate why supernatural teens are being murdered.

Lucas’ father, Benicio Cortez, is the leader of the Cortez Cabal, which is sort of like a mafia family. They appear to be a major corporation from the outside, but the inside is an entirely different story. Lucas has refused his position as heir to the Cortez Cabal and is trying to do his best to put an end to the cabals across the country. Difficult task, that. Probably impossible. That mission is put aside, though, as Lucas and Paige investigate the murders of the teenage supernaturals.

Along the way, Paige tries to create an alternative coven, since she was kicked out of her previous coven. She tries to convince witches who aren’t already part of a coven that a virtual coven can be good for them. Witches aren’t known for being open to change, even the younger ones or the ones who are outside the covens in general.

Industrial Magic is suspenseful yet is character-driven, there a couple of new characters that you’ll enjoy and one thing that is highly implausible – but then isn’t the entire concept?

Dimestore Magic by Kelley Armstrong

This, along with the next book, are my favorites of the Women of the Otherworld series. There is going to be a new one out this year with these characters, Waking the Witch, which is mostly about Savannah, and I can’t wait to read it.

But back to Dime Store Magic.

In this book, we revisit Paige and Savannah from Stolen, as well as Leah.  Paige is a witch who is, at a very young age, Coven Leader because her mother died.  Savannah is a very powerful and very young witch whose birth father, a sorcerer, is trying to get her from Paige, for some reason.

Paige is a good witch, the leader of other good witches who are so afraid of being exposed to the nonmagical world that they have seriously limited the magic that they are allowed to do and remain in the coven. Being part of a coven is crucial for a witch’s well-being. Paige wants to modernize the coven, bring them into the 21st century, so to speak, but they are resistant. To say the least.

Paige is a reluctant guardian to Savannah, but she takes her responsibilities seriously. Savannah needs to be protected from her sorcerer-father and others who think that she is a dark witch, so Paige does everything in her power to protect the child. To do so, she needs help from Leah (a half-demon) and from a most unlikely source – Lucas Cortez, a sorcerer and son of the leader of the Cortez Cabal. Witches and sorcerers have long been enemies, so Paige is suspicious of Lucas but still accepts his help.

Dime Store Magic is urban fantasy at its best but it is also a love story. Unlike many books of this genre, the love story isn’t lurid or graphic and, while it is secondary, it written well enough that you are just as engaged in that as the action part of the story.

You don’t have to have read any of the previous books to enjoy Dime Store Magic. All of the WOW books are stand-alone, though for some of them, I think it helps to have read previous books. In this case, though, it makes little difference if you’ve read the previous two books.

Do you read Kelley Armstrong? What’s your favorite of her books?

Stolen by Kelley Armstrong

Have I said that I *really* like this series.  This was so well-written.  Essentially, someone is capturing supernaturals to study them for some reason.  Elena – the werefwolf from Bitten – is captured.  The story revolves around her experiences and then her attempt to escape and what happens next.

We also meet the main characters of the next books.  Armstrong is good about that – she sets up the next book by introducing the narrator in the current book, so we have some idea who the person is.

This isn’t my favorite of the WOW series, but it was still very good.

Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

I recently reviewed the latest in the Women of the Otherworld series, Tales of the Otheworld, so I decided to go back and review the rest of the series. This is the first of them.

Elena is a “mutt” – a werewolf without a Pack. Well, she has a Pack but she left them to try to live as normal a human life as possible. It’s harder than you might think when she has to Change regularly. Oh, not every full moon as some books would have you believe but frequently enough.

Then, Pack members start getting killed and Elena goes home to try to help. Things progress from there. Elena has several fairly startling – to her – revelations along the way.

This is the first of the series and I was captured immediately. I love Elena and, in future books, I’m always happy when she shows up. She is friends with Paige, who has a couple of books of her own, so we see Elena in those as well.

Armstrong is very good at creating a world so real that you forget that werewolves don’t, in fact, exist. I highly recommend Bitten to anyone who is a fan of urban fantasy. Armstrong is one of my favorite authors, if not my absolute favorite. You can count on anything she writes being a book you have to take an entire afternoon/evening to read because you won’t be able to put it down. Thank goodness I read fast!

Tales of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong

I love the Women of the Otherworld series and this is an excellent addition to the mix.

When Armstrong began her career, she wanted to do something to thank her readers so she put free fiction on her website. Readers loved it but they asked her “When will they be in a book?” Armstrong waited until she could do it with a charitable project, which she did with Men of the Otherworld. Tales of the Otherworld is the second collection of eight short stories and all of the proceeds from the sale of the book will go to World Literacy of Canada, which is “dedicated to promoting international development and social justice.”

The first story, Rebirth, tells the story of how Aaron became a vampire. I have to tell you that I didn’t know who Aaron was until I read the last story of the book. I really need to reread some of the earlier books and make notes so I can keep track of all of the characters! Aaron is the second in command of the north American vampires, working with Cassandra. It’s quite a short story so to tell you more would give away too much. Let’s just say Aaron wasn’t that excited about being a vampire.

Bewitched is the story of how Eve met and fell in love with Kristof, thus producing Savannah. And, how it came to be that Kristof didn’t know about Savannah until after Eve died. Dime Store Magic and Industrial Magic are my favorite of the entire series, so I was happy to see this one included. I always thought there had to be more to Eve and Kristof than we first thought.

Birthright is Logan’s story. At least the story of how he came to the Pack. He was raised with his mother and never knew anything about his father until, on his 18th birthday, he receives a letter with nothing more than the name of Jeremy Danvers and his address. Logan assumes that Jeremy is his father and, despite the changes he is going through, never suspects that he is a werewolf. Just as his father must have wanted – Logan has a lot to learn and now he has someone to teach him and give him a place in the werewolf world.

All of us who are fans of Women of the Otherworld know that Clay bit Elena and that is how she became a werewolf. What we didn’t know is what Beginnings is all about. As the name suggests, it’s the beginning of their relationship. This is one of the longest of the stories, which makes sense as Elena and Clay have a long history. Elena is a college student when she meets Clay – who is a visiting professor. For reasons he can’t explain, he gives her a job when he doesn’t need an assistant and, gradually, they develop a relationship. Elena has been in foster care most of her life so she is slow to trust and slower to love, but eventually she does love and trust Clay. Clay, however, hasn’t told Elena that he is a werewolf, so there is some tension.

As it’s not a secret that Clay bit Elena, I will tell you this: it wasn’t premeditated, it was an impulse. He’d taken Elena home to meet Jeremy, thinking that once Jeremy saw that Clay had met his mate, then Jereamy would lift the ban on long-term relationships. Clay and Elena got engaged and almost no one in the Pack knew about her. Jeremy isn’t happy about it and when Clay thinks that Jeremy is going to send Elena on her way, he bit her.

The short story pretty much ends there but the rest of it is in the early book, Bitten and more is told along the way in the other books that feature Elena and Clay as well as in Men of the Otherworld.

Expectations is a quick & dirty version of Lucas Cortez’s first meeting with Eve Levine and the lessons she teaches him.

Given that we read the beginning of Clay and Elena’s relationship just a few pages earlier, Ghosts was sort of disconcerting as it takes place after Clay and Elena are married. Jeremy, the lead of this story, also has memories of Elena just after she is bitten, so it gets a little confusing. In this story, though, Jeremy is dealing with a potential challenger for Alpha and facing the consequences of some of his choices as Alpha.

Wedding Bell Hell features my favorites: Paige Winterbourne, Lucas Cortez and Savannah Levine. Paige and Lucas are getting married and being supernatural does not mean that things always go smoothly – or that Lucas’ father will not try to highjack the wedding and turn it into what *he* thinks it should be. Eventually, though, they do end up married – Paige and Lucas, that is – and no one’s father is harmed in the doing of it.

The Case of El Chupacabra is the first nonprequel novella that Armstrong wrote. It also features my favorite witches and sorcerer, along with Cassandra and Aaron, the werewolf from the first story.

Sean Nast is in a gay bar when he finds a body – and the man appears to have been killed by a vampire. He hires Lucas Cortez to find out what happened, hoping to keep his own name out of the press and to keep his family from finding out he’s gay.

Benicio Cortez, Lucas’ father, is intent on getting Lucas to join the family business, which Lucas is dead set against. They finally come up with a solution that will make both Lucas and Benicio happy.

Sean struggles with coming out and eventually does come out to his uncle. Unfortunately, he does not get a positive response. I have to say, the struggles that Sean has with coming out are fairly realistic. It’s easy to say “you should come out!” (and, for the record, I believe you should) but the actual doing of it can be tricky and there are frequently consequences. A person has to be prepared for them. Sean seems determined to find a way to reconcile his personal and professional lives and to be his own man, regardless of how difficult that might be.

The next book (due out in August) is Waking the Witch, which features Savannah, who is Sean’s half-sister. I suspect we are going to be seeing more of Sean in that book, as he is the only Nast who acknowledges Savannah.